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As trusted business advisor's, your clients expect you to deliver the highest level of professional support. At Purbeck, we understand this, and are committed to delivering the highest quality insurance solutions; giving your clients the confidence to grow their business.

Each of our partners value Personal Guarantee Insurance differently but for each of them it is important for their clients to be made aware that the cover is available.

Our terms of business are competitive and we can discuss your individual partner requirements.




As an accountant, you will undertake a wide range of professional services for your clients including preparing forecasts, management information and year end accounts. You may also be involved in advisory services providing support for growth and access to finance. Your fiduciary duties may extend to making your clients aware of the liabilities they have committed to when signing Personal Guarantees and how they can mitigate such liabilities, one solution being with insurance.


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Personal Guarantee Insurance is available to lenders to help give them and their clients flexibility when it comes to Personal Guarantees. There are a number of benefits for a lender in offer Personal Guarantee Insurance with a range of options available.






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Finance broker

Finance Brokers

You will understand  that increasingly, as a condition of raising business finance, Directors are required to sign a Personal Guarantee to secure business finance. Personal Guarantee Insurance provides a useful product to help ease your client's concerns in signing a Personal Guarantee.






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Legal Professionals


When signing a Personal Guarantee, Directors and family members can be required to seek independent legal advice. Personal Guarantee Insurance provides you and your clients with an alternative option when providing legal advice to help protect your clients personal estate. When being asked for advice concerning Personal Guarantees, a solicitors responsibility should now include making a client aware of the existence of this relatively new form of insurance.


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Insurance Brokers

As a trusted insurance broker for your clients, you are able to provide proactive solutions to mitigate business risks. Personal Guarantee Insurance provides you with an innovative insurance product to help differentiate what you are offering. Relatively few insurance brokers are aware of Personal Guarantee Insurance with some brokers using their knowledge to gain access to new business relationships.




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