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Key to credit scoring: Unlock the rate you want V rate you settle for

Posted by Keir Cox on Oct 31, 2018 7:14:34 AM

It seems the world of finance has developed into a “computer says no” environment, both in a personal and commercial capacity, where old school underwriting and case-by-case common sense approach has been replaced by algorithms, referencing and an increasing dependence on other fintech tools to assist a decision.

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Topics: #personalguarantee, #Directors, #SMEs

Do you really need to borrow?

Posted by Keir Cox on Oct 23, 2018 9:12:20 AM

Every business needs capital to grow and a good regular cashflow is the life blood of all enterprises. Achieving that can often be more difficult and too often businesses are simply financing a bad debt hole.

Most people accept that in order to start a business it will require investment in a number of forms; money, time, energy and probably a fair degree of hope. Those funds may be readily available from external sources like banks, peer to peer lenders, friends, family, grants, even credit cards. So often the drive and vision for the new enterprise overshadows the actual monetary return on the investment and the negative impact of cashflow is felt. 

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Topics: #personalguarantee, #Directors, #SMEs

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